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Design of Test System for Infrared Detector and Pre-amplifier

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Author: Chao Ye, Falin Wu, Yan Zhao, Hengyang Zhao

Abstract: A test system was introduced in this article for infrared detector and pre-amplifier based on virtual instrument technology; in which an industrial PC was utilized as main control platform, and a self-design image data acquisition and processing board, a self-design channels switch control board and some general equipments were included. Using the virtual instrument software LabVIEW 2011, the system can achieve two infrared detectors and pre-amplifiers in high/low/normal temperature test. Generally, a sliding window with the principle method is used to detect blind pixels, but this method has a defect which may not detect some blind pixels. A new blind pixels detection method was proposed in this paper based on an enhanced principle to calculate the mean and the standard deviation excluding the maximum and the minimum in the sliding window. The simulation results showed that the proposed method is of high detection accuracy, fast lookup and accurate positioning, and is a more conducive method for hardware implementation. In practical applications, it has been proved that this system is not only of high testing precision with high degree of automation and fast test speed, but also able to meet the small signal μV level testing.

Keywords: Infrared Detector; Pre-amplifier; Blind Pixel; 3σ Principle; Test System


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