Research in Electronic Commerce Frontiers (RECF)

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Yung-ho Chiu
Frequency: Continuous Publication
ISSN Online: 2330-183X
ISSN Print: 2330-1821

Librarians know readers. But with the increase of the availability of academic knowledge, it becomes increasingly difficult to discern what content will benefit you readers the most.

We offer librarians usage reports. You can see which journal or paper has been downloaded and cited the most. When looking to add content to your library or repository it will become evident which content is important to your readers.

Easy delivery is always available. As we continue to work with a variety of content distributors, we have become experts at content delivery. We can deliver content in almost any form necessary to meet your institution’s needs.

Networking with other publishers and librarians is also a necessity. We continue to cooperate with a variety of organizations.

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